Joe Head





About Joe

With over 8 years of technical search experience, Joe is a dedicated Cyber Security head-hunter with a passion for all things Cyber. Devoted to building security teams from the ground up, he helps businesses make critical hires both efficiently and effectively.

Joe is also a CAPSLOCK Mentor, helping the next breed of Cyber professionals break into the sector. Currently working towards his CompTIA Security+ Exam & having completed a Cyber Awareness Course, Joe has a genuine desire to play a leading role in the Cyber community.

Get to know Joe

As much as Joe has a passion for Cyber, he is also passionate about fitness and always surprises us with his inner strength to refuse a doughnut. Always the first to challenge the team to a fitness competition, he is paving the way to a healthier Intaso Crew! Butter Joe up with an interesting bottle of gin or a tricky Lego set, and you might just find yourself in his good books.

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