Philipp Bellessort


EMEA Manager



About Philipp

Phil leads Intaso’s Cybersecurity Sales Practice in continental Europe; we partner with start-up, through to large, listed cybersecurity organisations (and everything in between) placing revenue generating professionals.

Phil spends his time networking with both Cybersecurity Vendor leadership teams and sales professionals across EMEA. He is passionate about linking likeminded people in a range of cultures, regions and businesses. To date, Phil has delivered in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Get to know Philipp

An outdoorsman, Phil spends much of his ‘off-time’ in the woods of France picking mushrooms and learning mycology. Much of his client base (and family) is split between Paris and London, so he gets to enjoy splitting his time going between the two cities.

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