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We want to help

Nothing makes us happier than helping others. Whether it’s helping a charity raise money by walking to Australia and back, or sponsoring local junior rugby teams, we are always looking for new ways we can help others.

Charities we regularly help

Infostep:  In 2021, various members of Intaso collaborated with 27 other InfoSec professionals to walk to Australia. This incredible charity raised money for Innocent Lives Foundation and The Cyber Helpline

Wet Bandits: Not just an excuse to play golf, the members of this local society (including the more talented golf players of Intaso) meet regularly to play around the UK, all while raising money and awareness for the incredible charity Designability.

Unsung hero awards event

Events we sponsor

Godfathers Rugby: Once a member himself, Ryan has since hung up his uniform and rugby boots. A sponsor of the under &7’s team, Ryan now goes to watch and support the teams from the side-lines rather than on the pitch.

NSPCC: Intaso attended the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards and donated directly to the NSPCC for this event. This award recognises all the hard work and dedication that goes into being a true cybersecurity professional. An annual event, we can’t wait to attend again!

Capture The Talent: We donated money to help fund and launch their first Capture The Flag competition. This CTF, built by the creator of the Dante HTB lab, featured a wide range of content, aimed at new-comers to the industry, as well as seasoned pros. This event raised funds for The Cyber Helpline, a UK-based charity which helps victims of cyber crime.

Giving back

Can we add a ‘Giving Back’ section also? I want the Capslock info to go in here.

Unsung hero awards event

Want our help?

Whether you are a charity looking for some assistance, or hosting an event you would like sponsors for, we would love to hear from you.