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Hiring the right Cyber Security Sales professionals is essential. Unlike traditional sales, cybersecurity involves intricate products like threat intelligence platforms or SIEM systems. The right salesperson can understand these solutions and translate them into value for your customer. As organisations continue to prioritise cyber security, the role of sales professionals in this field has become pivotal.

As specialists in Cyber Security recruitment, we recognise the critical significance of finding top-tier cyber security sales talent to match your business objectives. With our extensive industry knowledge and expansive global network, we’re proficient in sourcing and introducing you to highly capable and seasoned cyber sales professionals. These experts have the acumen and skills needed to address the intricate challenges present in today’s business world.

Trust Intaso

When you combine our broad network of cyber security sales professionals, with a meticulous selection process, you’re left with exceptional, pre-qualified talent that supports your business towards a robust and resilient security posture. Trust Intaso to provide the crucial support needed to secure your digital future.

A Cyber Security Sales practice that works to your needs

Our Cyber Security Sales Practice excels in the world of cyber security sales recruitment, specialising in assisting cyber security vendors (both Listed and Pre-IPO), Global System Integrators (GSIs), and Partners in securing revenue-generating professionals across the spectrum, spanning from Account Executives to Chief Revenue Officers (CROs).

We source skilled sales talent for a wide range of business functions, such as Executive Leadership (CxO and VP), Business Development, Sales Engineering, Customer Success and Marketing. Our Cyber Security Sales team is dedicated to connecting you with top-tier talent across a range of roles essential for driving revenue and success in the cyber security sales domain. Whether you’re looking to fill key executive positions or expand your sales team, we’re here to support your cyber security sales recruitment needs and facilitate the acquisition of top-tier cyber security sales jobs.

Strategic Cyber Security solutions, in partnership with you

We prioritise a collaborative partnership with our clients, maintaining open lines of communication throughout the recruitment process to ensure that your specific needs are met with precision. Rest assured, our adaptable approach ensures that we deliver exceptional candidates who can seamlessly integrate into your cybersecurity framework and drive your organisation’s security agenda forward.

Executive Search

Experienced in head hunting CIO, CISO, CRO, CSO, Heads of and Practice Lead vacancies, we specialise in contained and retained searches.

CISO Recruitment

We're well-equipped to connect you with highly skilled and experienced CISOs with the expertise to effectively navigate today’s complex challenges.


Engage a recruiter with a deep security and exec search specialism with technical training and ethics to match.

Team Builds

As businesses develop their Security function, it is vital to build a team which is diverse and balanced.

Information Security

Our Information Security team connects you with the best InfoSec talent across a range of roles.

Temporary Recruitment

Our specialised temporary recruitment services are designed to swiftly connect your business with the best cyber security talent on a short or long-term basis.

How we work with you

Can’t find a suitable candidate, or perhaps you’re not sure what skills are needed or what to look for? Intaso are experts at cyber security recruitment, including recruiting for top cyber security sales talent and placing them in the perfect role. We aim to build a strong relationship built on trust, openness, and quality.

We work closely with cyber security organisations who are looking to fill senior sales positions. Whether it is for an early-stage solution looking to recruit their first sales professional / regional team to build and execute the GTM or a large international organisation going through a period of change, our team of experts can help. If you are looking for top sales talent in security, we can help. Get in contact with us now and we can help you hire the best talent available.

Working with Intaso

Director | FTSE 100
"Jamie is a brilliant recruitment consultant who takes the time to understand the business and then works on matching the best candidates that fit the role. His strong communication skills and deep knowledge of the market has helped me on numerous times in finding the best candidates."
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Chris McLaughlin | Senior BD Representative
"Aaliyah recently placed me in my current role and for that I am incredibly grateful. She is an exceptional recruitment consultant, who I know championed me with her clients and always made herself available to answer n questions.

She is clearly liked and respected by her clients, which in a competitive market like recruitment, is quite unique, and was clearly an advantage for me as a candidate. I can't recommend her highly enough."
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"Jamie was a pleasure to deal with. Consistent updates and check-ins keeping me fully in the know. Even once placed and I had accepted the role, he still checked in. Professional throughout, and consistent in timelines and getting back t you. Would recommend if in the market."
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Tom Baker | Marketing Manager
"Aaliyah worked with me throughout the recruitment process at Risk Ledger. She guided me through the process, helped me quickly understand the main aims of the company and explained what parts of my career would be of most interest to them. She was constantly kind, supportive and extremely organised. The entire process was unbelievably easy. Thank you!"
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Discuss your Cyber Security Sales requirements with Jamie Weekes

Jamie leads Intaso’s Cyber Security Sales Practice, partnering with start-ups, to large, listed cyber security organisations, and everything in between. He’s used to introducing revenue-generating professionals to businesses that need them.

Jamie provides senior talent solutions to Cyber Security Vendors, across North America and EMEA. He’s passionate about solving business problems, through identifying senior talent who can help drive change and deliver strategic objectives.

Find your next Cyber Security Sales role with Intaso

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FAQs Cyber Security Sales

Getting into cyber security sales typically requires a combination of education, experience, and skills. A background in sales, preferably in the technology sector, is beneficial. Additionally, obtaining certifications in cyber security or sales can enhance your qualifications. Networking within the industry, gaining relevant experience through internships or entry-level positions, and staying updated on industry trends are also essential steps.

Recruiting cyber security professionals involves identifying candidates with the right blend of technical skills, certifications, and experience. Utilising specialised job boards, attending industry events, networking with professionals, and partnering with cyber security training programs or institutions can help in finding qualified candidates. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms and utilising recruitment agencies specialising in cyber security can broaden the candidate pool.

Cyber security sales can be challenging due to the complex nature of the products or services being sold and the level of technical understanding required. It often involves selling solutions to businesses or organisations to protect their sensitive data and infrastructure from cyber threats. Success in cyber security sales requires a deep understanding of the products, effective communication skills, perseverance, and the ability to build trust with clients.

Yes, cybersecurity is indeed a booming field. With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, organisations across various industries are investing heavily in cyber security measures to safeguard their data and systems. This heightened demand for cyber security professionals has led to a surge in job opportunities and the growth of the cyber security industry as a whole.

Salaries for cyber security sales professionals in the UK can vary based on factors such as experience, location, employer, and performance. On average, entry-level cyber security sales roles may start around £20,000 to £30,000 per year, while more experienced professionals or those in senior positions can earn significantly higher, with salaries ranging from £40,000 to £100,000 or more annually, depending on bonuses, commissions, and other incentives.

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