CISOs Live with Joe Head

A video interview series with Joe Head and the top security leaders around the globe

Unveiling the minds behind cyber security excellence

Are you ready to step into the dynamic world of cybersecurity leadership? Join us for exclusive interviews with the sharpest minds in the field as Joe Head sits down with the industry’s top Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

In this video interview series, Joe delves into the intricate realms of cybersecurity strategy, innovation, and the challenges faced by CISOs on a global scale. Each episode provides an insider’s perspective, offering unparalleled insights into the strategies, tactics, and philosophies that drive success in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.


CISOs Live - EP 1 - Keith Price

We kicked off the series with Keith Price, who discussed his journey into the industry, and what it takes to dominate the cyber security space.

CISOs Live - EP 2 - Paul Watts

Paul Watts delves into the nuances, trials, tribulations and the journey a successful security leader goes through.

CISOs Live - EP 3 - Rob Newby

Rob Newby discusses what it’s like to juggle the responsibilities of CISO,  CEO and Programme Director, and whether or not CISOs need to have a technical background.

CISOs Live - EP 4 - Mark Hendry

Mark Hendry speaks to Joe about how he started in the cyber industry, the importance of working together, and why diversity in cyber is so important.

CISOs Live - EP 5 - Emilyann Fogarty

Emilyann Fogarty and Joe sit down to talk about how AI is affecting the current recruitment market, how certifications and qualifications affect your career, and more.

CISOs Live - EP 6 - Stu Hirst

Joe and Stu Hirst chat about the journey to becoming a CISO, the challenges he met along the way, and why being purposeful in your decisions is so crucial.

Discuss your CISO requirements with Joe Head

With over 8 years of technical search experience, Joe is a dedicated Cyber Security head-hunter with a passion for all things Cyber. Devoted to building security teams from the ground up, he helps businesses make critical hires both efficiently and effectively.

Joe is also a CAPSLOCK Mentor, helping the next breed of Cyber professionals break into the sector. Currently working towards his CompTIA Security+ Exam & having completed a Cyber Awareness Course, Joe has a genuine desire to play a leading role in the Cyber community.