About Us

About Intaso

We are a boutique head hunting and talent solution firm with Cyber and Information Security expertise. We have extensive first hand expertise across all elements of attracting the right talent from often unfound and untapped resources. We believe that having a genuine passion for the industry, pride in the quality of our services, a tailored range of talent solutions and a personal approach we have a unique offering which has worked with business of all sizes and industries.

Our History

Since we opened our doors way back in early 2020, we have been on a huge yet incredible journey.

With new people joining the team, engagements, babies and so much more, it’s non-stop here at Intaso!

Take a look at some of our key milestones here. And don’t forget to check back in to see what other crazy adventures we have been on.

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Reducing our Carbon Footprint & Helping Others

We want to do our part in not only helping the planet, but in helping others too. This is why we are planting trees, always looking to improve on our current impact on the environment, sponsoring meaningful events and supporting charities.

Planting Trees: We are on a mission to save the planet. And to do this we are planting trees.

Charity Work & Sponsors: We have already helped lots of charities and sponsored multiple events and we aim to continue helping others. Learn More