Intaso Joins Forces with Global Search Firm, JSS Search

The road to an Intaso and JSS Search relationship.

The partnership between JSS Search and Intaso originated from a unique history. In 2020, Ryan Surry, Intaso founder, interviewed with JSS but chose to start his own company.

Over the years, JSS kept a keen eye on Intaso’s growth in the Cyber & Information Security sector. Maintaining regular contact, the two companies recognised their shared values and mutual ambitions, leading to JSS acquiring Intaso in December 2023. This strategic move was driven by a shared goal of market expansion and a natural synergy in their business approaches.

I have known the founders of JSS for several years. I’ve been really impressed by their journey and felt that we could add value to executive networks by bringing cyber expertise to the boards that they work with… and the rest is history!

Ryan Surry, Intaso Director

What does this merger mean for our clients?

The JSS-Intaso merger brings a comprehensive suite of services to both our clients. JSS clients now have access to a leading team of specialists in Cyber & Information Security, a critical and growing field that needs more proactivity. Likewise, Intaso clients will benefit from JSS’ expertise across finance, HR, procurement, technology, and transformation.

This merger offers clients a broader talent pool. In addition to direct client benefits, we will also look to share ideas around working practices, technologies, and new ways of working. The collaboration marks a significant step towards meeting the diverse and evolving recruitment needs of our clients more effectively.

The partnership benefits clients on both sides, as we now have the expertise to not only place CISOs, but also CIOs, COOs and CFOs, meaning we cover the whole board. Cyber was the third highest talked about topic in FTSE100 board meetings last year, and it will only become more prominent; so being able to offer that expertise to existing JSS networks is going to be huge.

Plus, working with our cyber security vendors and being able to support them as a vertical; previously working with just our technical and sales teams, we can now help with Procurement, HR, Talent Acquisition, Finance, and more.

Ryan Surry

What does this merger mean for our candidates?

For candidates, the JSS-Intaso partnership opens the door to a wealth of new opportunities. Candidates can now tap into a larger network, offering a diverse range of job prospects that align with their skills and career goals.

Our specialist teams ensure personalised matching of candidates to roles where they can thrive and progress. This expanded reach and in-depth expertise in niche disciplines underscore our commitment to placing candidates in roles where they can excel and grow.

For our candidates and jobseekers, the main benefit is that we’re merging a number of preferred supplier lists and agreements so we can now transact Intaso with another 200 businesses, meaning many more opportunities to talk to them about.

Ryan Surry

A collaboration that matters.

Intaso enhances JSS Search’s offerings with our specialised expertise in cyber and information security recruitment. This expertise is pivotal for JSS to strengthen their presence in this essential market.

Intaso’s reputation for tailored recruitment solutions and their profound knowledge of cybersecurity enrich JSS’s capabilities, allowing for a more comprehensive service offering. The initial weeks post-merger have already demonstrated promising results, with increased business referrals and commercial connections.

Steve Hallam, CEO, JSS Search

And what do Intaso get in return? JSS Search offers Intaso extensive experience in executive search and recruitment across a variety of sectors. Leveraging JSS’s established brand and broad operational expertise, Intaso can now expand its reach and tap into a more extensive client base, especially at the executive level.

This collaboration is a significant step in growth and diversification, enhancing service offerings and creating new opportunities for clients and candidates alike. Our complementary cultures, underscored by professionalism and entrepreneurship, set a solid foundation for this partnership.