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Women in Cybersecurity GTM Report: Insights and Strategies for GTM Roles

Despite the growing demand for female professionals in the industry, challenges such as limited promotion opportunities, lack of mentorship, and significant gender disparity remain. Our report addresses these obstacles, showcases the experiences of women in various cybersecurity functions, and provides actionable recommendations to attract, hire, and retain top female talent.

This whitepaper explores how you can foster a more inclusive and equitable cybersecurity workforce, driving innovation and success in your organisation.

Sustaining peak performance

Intaso recently hosted a virtual Roundtable on Sustaining Peak Performance and were joined by Chris Hodson, Global CISO at Tanium and Adrian Taylor, Director at Bluecap Consulting, a specialist in Performance and Executive Coaching, to discuss the subject within cybersecurity.

Sustaining peak performance is critical within cybersecurity as employees and teams have to defend their organisations, around the clock 24/7. We promised not to say it, but now more than ever in the ‘new world’, cyber-attacks are on every cybersecurity professional’s agenda. This is down to several reasons such as organisations being more vulnerable due to the workforce going remote and organised criminal gangs pumping more money into attacks as other criminal activities become logistically challenging during lockdowns, just to name a few. To protect our organisations and ourselves we need cybersecurity teams performing better than ever.

Getting Buy-in and Budget from the Board

As part of our Virtual Roundtable series Intaso recently partnered with NTT Security, to deliver our latest event: “How CISOs get buy in and budget from the Board”. This was a very topical event, as we have seen cybersecurity threats increase significantly during the recent pandemic. However, it is predicted that cybersecurity budgets are likely to tighten as businesses continue the road to recovery. Therefore, it is important CISOs have the necessary insight to influence the Board and get buy-in. This white paper captures everything discussed in the first of this two-part topic.

Intaso getting buy in whitepaper

Future proofing your Business in ‘The New World’ post C19

Future proofing your business post C19, a topic that is on everyone’s agenda. We have now come to terms with the “new world” businesses can still operate, and we have seen positive change towards new ways of working. They are NOT new; we have just needed a crisis to embrace them.

Intaso recently embraced the new world and hosted a virtual Roundtable for our CxO network, to discuss new trends, ways of working and challenges in the cyber security market. Intaso were joined by David Brown, VP of Zerofox and Lee Watford, Sky Blue Security Director, and current Domino’s Pizza Group CISO. The pair brought the opinions and insight of a CISO in industry and the view of a Cyber Security Vendor working in the wider market to help stimulate conversation, focusing on what organisations did as a knee jerk reaction to remote working, what has worked, where we have adapted and how we see businesses functioning going forward.

Intaso future proofing your business whitepaper