Women in Cybersecurity GTM Report: Insights and Strategies for GTM Roles

Uncover the key insights and strategies to bridge the gender gap in cybersecurity GTM roles with Intaso's comprehensive whitepaper.

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of women surveyed didn’t have access to a female mentor

Despite the growing demand for female professionals in the industry, challenges such as limited promotion opportunities, lack of mentorship, and significant gender disparity remain. Our report addresses these obstacles, showcases the experiences of women in various cybersecurity functions, and provides actionable recommendations to attract, hire, and retain top female talent.

This whitepaper explores how you can foster a more inclusive and equitable cybersecurity workforce, driving innovation and success in your organisation.

To uncover the realities women face in Cybersecurity GTM, Intaso led a groundbreaking research initiative. Through in-depth interviews with industry leaders and meticulously crafted surveys distributed across North America and EMEA, this whitepaper presents original data and insights you won't find anywhere else. This comprehensive approach allows for a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities for women in this critical field.


of women feel they are underpaid

Aaliyah Lumsden-Dade

Senior Delivery Partner

What we cover

Foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Drive innovation and success with a wider range of perspectives.

Attract top female talent in a competitive market.

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