Cyber Security Recruitment to build an industry leading team

Cyber Security Recruitment for businesses in the UK, Europe and America

Getting the right talent through a cyber recruitment agency

Head hunting within cyber is our area of expertise. From Blue team all the way to Red team and everything in between, whether you’re seeking a one-off cyber security hire, a full team build, or an interim assignment, our cyber recruitment experts can help. To put your mind at ease we meet, deeply qualify and reference every cyber security professional we represent to assure the quality of our service and make the best matches.

Our cyber recruitment specialists have deep industry knowledge of the sector, and regular technical training to ensure we source the most highly-skilled cyber security talent. Previous roles we’ve recruited for include:

  • DevSecOps
  • Security Engineering
  • Application Security
  • SOC/Threat Analysts
  • Penetration Testers
  • Malware
  • Security Architect

Cyber recruitment in the UK, Europe and America

If you are struggling to source candidates for a specific job with little cyber security knowledge, we can help. Our cyber security recruitment experts work alongside a broad range of clients, sourcing and supplying technical talent that match your exact requirements. Our aim as a cyber security recruitment agency is to build a strong relationship with our clients and candidates, built on trust, openness and quality.

We work with all types of businesses looking for cyber security specialists, from local SMEs looking for a single security manager, to larger, multinational businesses requiring a diverse team of security experts.

If you are looking for a cyber security professional but don’t know where to start, get in contact with us now and we can help you hire the best talent available.

Cyber Security Recruitment FAQs

We have a specific team build service which sets all priorities, levels and profiles of a team build for all functions of the cyber security department. This service comes as a complete offering and is more cost-effective to you than sourcing and relying on multiple agencies.

Our rigorous cyber recruitment process requires:

  1. Commitment – commitment to hire, to prioritise interviews and feedback
  2. Communication – A must have with line management to avoid chinese whispers
  3. Structure – Pre-booked feedback slots on everything from CVs and interviews to our performance

The specific skills required will vary between roles, but we would advise a strong cyber security candidate would have the below skills:

  1. Attitude and aptitude
  2. Technical competencies
  3. Softer skills

Trying to recruit for specialist roles without the support of specialist talent consultants can slow down the hiring process, harm candidate engagement and minimise your potential reach. Our team specialise in expediting your time-to-hire by rapidly speeding up the talent acquisition processes, improving the quality and strengthening candidate engagement and broadening your reach discreetly.

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Permanent and Temporary Cyber Recruitment

Cybersecurity is a growing priority for organisations looking to protect their data, internal systems and employees. The UK tech sector ended 2022 as the European-leader, with a reported 3 million people now working in tech or cyber in the UK.

If you’re exploring jobs in cyber security, our cyber recruitment team has the network and specialised-expertise to help you find your dream job. We’re proud to be experts in niche sectors of cyber security and technical information recruitment.