Meet the Team – Joe Head

A bit about me…

I have become quite the fan of ‘staycations’ in the last few years, we have such beautiful places in the UK, The Cotswold, Wales, The Yokrshire Dales, to name a few. Long gone are my weekends filled with going out to the club, these days it’s scenic walks and sitting by a log fire. Bed by 9pm is the ultimate goal!

I have also recently got into running, which has helped me manage quite a chaotic period in my life as I am moving house and planning a wedding at the same time! Might as well do it all at once right?

What was I doing before Intaso?

So like most people in my industry, I definitely ‘fell into it’. I was a fresh faced 19 year old, that had just finished education and was working in retail, trying to find my path in life.

I didn’t even really know what recruitment was, or that these kinds of jobs even existed! Amazingly, in my first recruitment job I was at the same business for nearly 7 years, where I worked my way up, developed my skills and learnt that as recruiters we play such a pivotal part in the UK economy.

Safe to say I think I will be enjoying recruitment for another 10 years!

How did I come to be at Intaso?

Interestingly, I knew of Ryan from LinkedIn, he was also working in the cyber security space and I am pretty sure we were doing a bit of LinkedIn flirting by viewing each other’s profile.

We ended up having a mutual connection who worked for a Cyber Security Consulting business and they recommended me to Ryan, so one day my phone rings and, low and behold, it’s Ryan!

We started speaking, and from there a new venture was born! A good few chats between Ryan, Jamie and I, and the rest is history; I finally joined Intaso in August 2020.

The kind of roles I typically work on/enjoy working on…

The key roles you’d find me working one are:

  • Senior executive leadership
  • C-Suite
  • Directors
  • Head of-
  • CISO
  • Top-level security

All within the cyber-security space, of course. When it comes to the type of people I love to work with, personality is a huge thing for me. Obviously in cyber-security, hard-skills are vital, but soft skills are also so important. If you value what we do, and the relationships we bring, that’s so important to us.

Our core values are so important to us, and nurturing a 2-way relationship between our clients and candidates is crucial for us!

Something people might not know about me is…

I’m tall. Every single person I meet can’t believe how tall I am – I’m 6’4! It’s the one thing people always comment on. I’m a bit of a control freak too!

If I was trapped on a desert island with one meal, one album and one movie, they would be…

Meal: Fajitas I definitely wouldn’t get bored of!

Album: Return to Jungle by Chase and Status – I’m going to see them next month so that’ll be great!

Movie: Anything with Will Ferrel, maybe Anchorman and Taladega Nights? Either or!