Meet the Team – Eve Coleman

A bit about me…

I’m originally from Birmingham but currently live in Gloucester with my partner. My biggest passion is travelling! I went travelling for three months around California, Mexico and South-East Asia and in total have visited 11 countries in the past year. I have plans in place to visit many more and can’t wait.

Before I started working in recruitment, I studied patisserie for 5 years at college and university – but when I did a year in the industry I just didn’t feel it was for me.

What was I doing before Intaso?

I actually planned to get into recruitment. After leaving the food industry I had to re-plan my career which felt like a massive decision, however I knew I was great at talking to anyone about anything so thought – why not get into sales?! I started working for a large multinational recruiter, got onto the tech desk where I stayed for a year and a half, and loved the environment. I made some really good friends there but knew I wanted to follow my dreams of travelling.

When I returned, I was really picky about where I wanted to work. I wanted a smaller organisation that would be flexible with my needs, – offering remote working where I would be able to travel and work together.

How did I come to be at Intaso?

After travelling, I sought a specialist in cybersecurity due to having loved the tech desk so much at Hays.

I was attracted to the laid back, non-corporate environment at Intaso – and the ‘no dickhead’ policy was great! I have lots to learn here, as I just started back in September. I wanted to specialise in something, and cyber seemed to fit my interests really well.

Intaso offers such a good opportunity for growth and development. I appreciate it even more coming from a big corporate organisation. You don’t feel like a number here.

The kind of roles I typically work on/enjoy working on…

  • Head of GRC (governance risk and compliance)
  • Head of Information Security
  • Infosec Officers, Analysts and Consultants

I love working at head-of level because I get to work with really good clients, big brands, and really nice people. I also love working with graduates – I’m closer to that age so I can really relate to that feeling of getting your perfect job offer. They are always really grateful, but it completely comes down to working with respectful, nice people. We have the opportunity here to choose who we work with, and we only want to work with the best. Delivering high quality candidates to clients is a skill that can take time, so we like to be appreciated for the hard work we put into it.

Something people might not know about me is…

I’d say my degree! People are always shocked that I’m a trained chocolatier. The skills come in handy less often than you think…

If I was trapped on a desert island with one meal, one album and one movie, they would be…

Meal: McChicken sandwich meal with a Coke (Definitely no ice – It waters it down!)
Movie: Mean Girls, it’s a classic!
Album: Very hard one but – Paolo Nutini, Sunny Side Up