Meet the Team – Greg Aitken

A bit about me

I’m all about family – I have a beautiful daughter who’s two and a half, a dog, two cats, and my beautiful wife, Sarah. We live in the north Georgia mountains and love the outdoors. Our daughter is into ballet – we dance a lot now…!! 

What was I doing before Intaso?

Recruiting was my first “real” job right out of college. Before that, I was a door-to-door salesman for ATT. Recruiting fell into my lap through an ad in my local area, and I got offered the job on the spot. I started in the SAP space and shifted over into Workday. I then did a passion project with my alma mater and started up their online business and criminal justice programs.  After the passion project, I shifted back into technology recruiting.

How did I come to be at Intaso?

The opportunity presented itself when a former colleague reached out and told me about the mission, the team, and the direction they were trying to go. I believe in all three items and am fortunate to be a part of their story.

Joining Intaso has helped me broaden my horizons again (SAP to Workday to Education to CISO Suite) by helping me focus not only on the CISO suite for the technical side, but more on the CRO suite for the revenue-generating side.

The kind of roles I typically work on/enjoy working on…

I love numbers, data and that kind of information. When you’re talking with an account executive and they’re quota- and number- driven, we’re talking the same language. I really enjoy sales roles.

Something people might not know about me is…

I really enjoy astronomy – the stars and the night sky. I’ve really enjoyed getting into that with my daughter, too. As far as the past and going back to our roots as humans, that is the thing that has been the constant for everybody that’s been on this earth.

A random thing that happened to me several years ago…I had a three month stint where I was sitting at red lights and got rear-ended three times in a row totaling two cars, causing some neck issues and resulting in me having to do a lot of physical therapy. I’m happy I work more remotely now, because those accidents all happened commuting to and from the office!

If I was trapped on a desert island with one meal, one album and one movie, they would be…

Meal: Chicken Pockets that my wife makes!

Album: Presence, Led Zeppelin

Movie: Apocalypto