Talent Consultant vs Recruitment Consultant

So, you have a vacancy to fill in your business and the first place you’ve looked is a recruitment agency. And we can’t fault you for that. They will have a huge list of potential candidates that they can send you to sift through.

However, this is the exact problem, most recruitment agencies do this and only this. They don’t find out about your business, don’t take the time to understand you, your culture, and your requirements so they can source the perfect candidate for you. Which is where the difference between recruiting and talent acquisition comes in.

Today’s recruitment challenges

As you may already know, when it comes to attracting top-tier talent to your business, this is often easier said than done due to a fast-paced, highly competitive job market. When you combine this with the fact that many recruiting professionals don’t have the deep visibility of the talent pool that is needed (especially when it comes to using platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter), prime candidates can pass by and get snapped up by a competitor in the blink of an eye.

In addition, communication between hiring managers and recruiters can often be disconnected, which makes filling important positions an even harder task.

The key issue here for hiring teams is that the wrong approach to finding and onboarding candidates is often taken by ‘high street ‘recruiters – however there is a better solution out there, and this is where using a specialist talent consultant comes in.

Are you getting value?

This is critical… is securing the lowest margin from a recruitment/talent partner more important than finding the right talent? Or is the quality of service, candidate, quicker timescales and even industry knowledge more important?

What is a talent consultant?

A talent consultant is a traditional recruiter who uses:

  • a data-driven strategy,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • technical know-how,
  • industry knowledge,
  • proven processes

to approach sourcing talent in a faster, more efficient way. In today’s world where job markets are more competitive than ever, businesses require more from their recruitment partners. Therefore, a talent consultant is someone who looks to deliver more value, seeing the business as their own and thinking like an owner in order to do what’s best for the company, rather than just seeing a candidate as a solution to fill a job role.

What is the difference between recruiting and talent acquisition?

Let’s explore the differences between a talent consultant and a recruiter in more detail:

A talent consultant will:

  • Have gained more knowledge, developed new skills, and will own a proven hiring process
  • Work with the hiring manager early on in the hiring process, meeting with them to firm up important details about the role such as compensation, qualifications, softer skills, dealbreakers, goals, expectations and reporting structure
  • Put a clear strategy together that analyses the hiring manager’s requirements and establish whether the expectations they have about a candidate or position are realistic, and will push back and offer alternative options if this is not the case
  • Have established clear timelines on when interviews can happen, offers are made and start dates are likely to be
  • Be more selective about the candidates that they put forward. This is dependent on the candidates references, their face to face meeting, the culture they seek etc
  • Have extensive industry expertise, technical understanding and deep knowledge on competitors
  • Produce detailed cover sheets including reference quotes, notes on when they were met and their drivers
  • Have an array of offerings best suited to the hiring managers expectations, budget, quantities and timescales

In comparison, a recruiter will:

  • Use the basic information that they are given by the hiring manager about the role rather than arranging a more in-depth interview, which results in a difficult sell to the candidate and can bring in the wrong candidates for interview, wasting both the hiring manager’s and candidate’s time as a result.
  • See a candidate as a solution to fill a job role.
  • Stick with traditional approaches of hiring, and not adapt to change/new approaches which will likely give better results.

At Intaso we are proud of the fact that we aren’t just a recruitment agency – we’re a team of talent consultants. This means we won’t just advertise for a job and send you over a load of candidates, but instead will work closely with the hiring business to find you the best possible candidate – and that’s a promise!