Cyber security recruitment experts sign partnership deal

Source: Swindon Link

Publish date: 8th August 2022

Recruitment experts at Swindon-based Intaso have forged a partnership with tech company Decipher Cyber.

The move adds Intaso’s expertise to a fast-growing ‘LinkedIn-style’ web platform for the cyber security sector.

Intaso, which specialises in recruitment for the rapidly-expanding cyber security industry, believes the platform, called Jenny, will extend its global reach.

The Swindon company, which fills hundreds of vacancies every year for skilled people to help clients counter the threat of cyber attacks, turned over £1m in only its second year of trading but managing director Ryan Surry believes opportunities to grow even more quickly are huge.

“The cyber security industry was worth £21 billion last year and this year it is expected to double,” he said.

“It is growing three times faster than the technology sector and it isn’t hard to see why with the ever present, ever-changing threat of cyber attacks.”

Decipher Cyber launched Jenny two years ago to provide a platform for the cyber security sector to find suppliers. CEO Tinesh Chhaya said it used Google-style web crawling technology to find, categorise and list the growing number of vendors across the world and give them a free profile on the site.

“When we launched two years ago we were tracking 2,500 companies, now we are tracking almost 11,000 and we add about 250 a week,” he said.

“The market is not slowing down and if you think about all the noise and confusion that is caused by these new vendors who are appearing every week, Jenny brings these companies into one place, lets our users know where they can find them and helps them make informed decisions through our market intelligence.”

The company is in the process of creating Jenny 2.0, which will expand services listed to everything relevant to the sector. “We want it to be seen as a ‘LinkedIn’ of cyber, which means now it will have absolutely everything in the cyber space – every single university or college, training provider, news outlet, insurance services, legal experts, jobs – you name it and it will be there,” said Mr Chhaya.

Intaso’s recruitment expertise will be on offer to Jenny users who sign up for an enhanced package. “We can give them access to talent experience within the industry and all of the insight into the salaries needed to recruit to these in-demand roles because they have done it time and time again,” said Mr Chhaya.

“From our side we can bring global brand exposure and a wider marketing footprint to the 8,000 registered users and 20,000 monthly visitors.”

Mr Surry sees the partnership as a natural step in the growth of the company, which now employs ten staff at its Lydiard Fields base.

He said: “We are really pleased to be partnering with Tinesh and his team. We have mutual networks and although we serve them slightly differently both of us can benefit from each other’s service, so it makes complete sense.

“It’s powerful for us to talk to our networks about this platform because they are always interested in listening to new tech, especially this platform where it is just so beneficial to our clients. It is a nice value add as a talent service.”