The 11 Wildest Interview Stories We’ve Heard

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences, even for the most seasoned professionals! From awkward moments to downright bizarre encounters, we’ve scoured the internet (and spoken to some of our own candidates and other recruiters in the industry!) to find some of the wildest interview stories that will leave you both cringing and chuckling.

At Intaso, we understand the importance of finding the right fit for your career. While we focus on cyber security recruitment, these job interview horror stories are universal reminders that the interview room can be a land of surprises!

Awkward Interview Stories

Awkwardness can strike unexpectedly, turning an otherwise routine interview into a memorable experience. From the candidate who mastered the art of the silent stare-down to the one who showed up in a clown costume, these stories showcase the importance of maintaining professionalism even in the face of the unexpected.

The Forgotten Candidate:

After an assistant popped the candidate in the meeting room, stating the interviewer would be with them in a few minutes, the candidate was then left in there for more than half an hour! They eventually gave up on waiting, and went to leave before bumping into the interviewer walking into the building holding a piping hot Starbucks coffee and a bag of tasty treats, who had obviously completely forgotten where they should have been.

Source: Buzzfeed

The Silent Stare-Down:

In one memorable interview, the candidate decided to answer every question with a long, unbroken stare. It was like a high-stakes game of blink, and the interviewer blinked first by excusing themselves from the room.

The Mystery Phone Call:

A candidate had their phone ring in the middle of an interview. Instead of silencing it, they answered and proceeded to have a lengthy chat about their weekend plans. Needless to say, they didn’t get the job!

The Inexplicable Accessory:

A job seeker arrived at an interview wearing a full clown costume. When questioned about the choice of attire, they replied, “I wanted to show that I’m not afraid of anything.” Unfortunately, the only thing they showed was a lack of professionalism!

Worried male candidate having a job interview with a manager in the office

Bad Interview Stories

Bad interviews can be a test of patience, both for candidates and interviewers. Imagine an interviewer scrolling through social media during your interview or a candidate who can’t distinguish between their hobbies and professional qualifications. These tales serve as cautionary reminders that preparation and focus are key to a successful interview.

The Mummy’s Boy:

While interviewing for an internship, one candidate turned up with more than just his CV. Not only did this 22/23-year-old student turn up with his mum, but even asked if she’d be able to come into the interview with him!

Source: Workable

The Inattentive Interviewer:

Imagine walking into an interview, only to have the interviewer scroll through their social media feed the entire time. At one point, the candidate was left wondering if they had accidentally entered a parallel universe.

The ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Debacle:

When asked to introduce themselves, one applicant launched into a detailed monologue about their favourite hobbies, recent vacations, and even their family tree. They never quite got to their professional qualifications.

The Overconfident Underqualified:

This candidate claimed to have more than 5 years experience working in cyber security, but couldn’t answer basic questions when asked. When questioned further, they simply stated, “I thought this interview was about my personality, not my skills.” Confidence, it seems, can only take you so far.

Businessman blowing bubble gum with legs on table during job interview

Funny Interview Stories

While job interviews are typically fairly formal, sometimes they take a comedic turn. From candidates bringing pet parrots to interviews to tongue slips and unexpected magic tricks, these stories remind us that even in the most formal settings, a touch of humour can break the ice.

The Accidental Flasher:

Everyone knows the perks of working from home is you don’t have to wear trousers, but maybe when you have a video interview it’s best to pop some on, just in case. Otherwise you might end up like one candidate who got up to grab a pen, and flashed his boxers to everyone!

Source: Coburgbanks

The Animal Whisperer:

During an interview, a candidate brought their pet parrot along. Surprisingly, the parrot answered some of the questions better than the candidate did. The interviewer couldn’t help but chuckle.

The Slip of the Tongue:

A candidate accidentally referred to their previous boss as “Satan” instead of “Sandra.” It might have been an honest slip, but it led to an awkward pause that neither party could recover from.

The Unexpected Magic Trick:

In a particularly bizarre turn of events, an interviewee pulled a rabbit out of a hat during their interview. While it was impressive, it didn’t quite fit the job description for a cybersecurity role.

Angry businesswoman arguing with businessman

These worst interview stories serve as a reminder that even the most seemingly professional situations can take unexpected turns. While they provide some comedic relief, they also underline the importance of preparation and professionalism during job interviews. At Intaso, we take the recruitment process seriously, ensuring that our candidates and clients find the perfect match.

If you’re seeking a career in cyber security or need assistance in hiring the best talent in the field, don’t let your interview become part of the bad interview stories collection.

Connect with us today and let us help you navigate the job market with confidence. After all, the right job interview can be your gateway to a successful career in cyber security.