Is Cyber Security a Good Career Choice?

Over the years the cyber security industry has gradually evolved into a fundamental element of any modern business. Breaches in businesses are no longer accepted and when there is one, there tends a huge backlash from not only their customers but from the general public as well.

As the need for cyber security increases, so does the need for experts in the field, which is why there is little to no risk in starting a career in cyber security. Attackers are always finding new methods to breach so the blue team will always have to stay one step ahead right….. 

Why work in cyber security?

We aren’t all of a sudden going to stop shopping or banking online are we? Everything now connects to the internet. In fact we are using them and other online services even more now and with the coronavirus pandemic, this has only served to speed this shift.

As businesses continue to evolve and the digital realm continues to expand, more and more corporations are becoming dependent on having an online presence in order to operate. 

Simultaneously, the field of cyber security is growing into a diverse and crucial part of business operation. With positions ranging from security operations, risk & compliance, offensive security and even education. The possibilities for growth in cyber security are endless.

Reasons why you should consider a cyber security career

1. Limitless growth

Businesses looking to hire a cyber security professional are also investing in the employee’s development, meaning a fundamental part of your position in cyber security would be growing your skillset through training development. Everyday in security is a school day!

2. Variety

All of the opportunities for growth in this particular industry are tied to technological innovation, meaning there is a need for cyber security across all lines of work, from online retailers to the medical field, the range is infinite. In as little as 10 years every business should have a security team sat alongside HR and finance etc. 

3. Problem-solving

By definition, the role of a cyber security professional is to identify potential risks, understand how they operate and develop measures to prevent these risks from manifesting. If you love problem solving and get a kick out of finding a solution to something, a career in cyber security might be perfect for you.

4. Have a real impact

Cyber security has an impact far beyond the digital realm. In fact, cyber security often acts as a bridge from the digital world into the physical one, in the sense that if there is a breach in the cyber security of a company, there is often a ripple effect in the physical world.

5. High salary

Thanks to the increasing demand for professionals in cyber security, it is now one of the highest paying industries to be in and with the promise of further technological innovation, the opportunity for people with a skillset in IT to further their career has never been higher.

Find out how much you could get paid working in cyber security by using our free cyber security salary calculator.

6. Inclusion

In the world of Cyber Security in particular there really is an opportunity and role for everyone. From back office hackers to the socially outgoing read teamers (basically spies), from training and awareness to reverse engineering malware. There is a position and a community that everyone can be part of. 

Cyber security can offer a career to different levels of experience

A career in cyber security is not bound to your level of experience as there are vast amounts of paths to choose from. It all can start from your bedroom, a lot of the best ‘up and comers’ and CISOs in the industry have home lab setups. 

Several different routes into entry level roles, feel free to get in touch if you would like more info. 

Is a cyber security career the right choice for you?

As the current reality demands for remote working and most businesses are forced to incorporate an online business structure, the demand for cyber security has escalated dramatically. Choosing a career in cyber security will offer constant room for growth and new opportunities, as well as the reward of knowing the work you’re doing will make an actual difference in society.

As a field with little to no unemployment and substantial compensation, choosing a career in cyber security seems like a no brainer.

If you are now thinking about a career in cyber security, read our article on how to start a career in cyber security which goes into more depth about it and how you can get started.