Meet the Team – Jaymes Nowicki

A bit about me…

Many people would think of me as an extrovert, but I am actually more of an introvert. I enjoy spending time with my wife, new baby, close friends, and two dogs (Henry, age 2, and Loki, age 9) – it doesn’t have to be that complicated! I love to cook.. I love to travel and go on adventures. During our trip to Chile, we had an incredible time in Torres del Paine National Park. It has been my favorite destination so far – I would go back there in a heartbeat!

What was I doing before Intaso?

Recruitment is an industry that finds you. During my time at University, I had an internship with a large wealth management and advisory firm based out of New York. I earned a full-time role after graduating and relocated. I was grateful for the opportunity but found the industry out of touch with my interests and core values. On a random day, one of the founders of a technology recruiting start-up, Principle Solutions Group, called to interview and we hit it off. At this time in my life, it was more about finding great mentors willing to invest in helping me develop and grow professionally. I had no idea what I was about to jump into, but it turned into a rocketship journey and I never looked back. I ultimately fell in love with it.

How did I come to be at Intaso?

Ryan has a great ability to hire across the business. He reached out to me on LinkedIn, begged me to find a quiet conference room for us to meet, and we went from there! Staffing and recruitment can be gnarly, and many firms in this space lack real integrity. Here, it’s not always about the numbers – there’s a great foundation. I couldn’t be more proud that my journey has led me to Intaso, and it’s been fun to get here.

The kind of roles I typically work on/enjoy working on…

I was hired to lead the go-to-market strategy in North America. As head of our NA business, I work with Executives and Co-Founders who are navigating the transition from founder led growth to real revenue leadership. I enjoy helping our customers be a product of solid hiring decisions that shrink time to revenue and hit sales targets. We’ve been successful because we are trusted by and represent an exclusive group of cyber SaaS sellers and revenue leaders.

Something people might not know about me is…

Hmm, where is this information going to be published?!? Let’s see… Well, one thing is that people think I’m much taller when they see me online than I actually am in person – I’m a relatively short guy! That can be funny, and a lot of people wouldn’t know that because there are less in-person meetings these days.

If I was trapped on a desert island with one meal, one album and one movie, they would be…

Album: Van Morrison (Plenty of hits. I’m not sure which album I would select)
Meal: Burger and fries from Five Guys
Movie: Cast Away (Obviously, for survival tips. I’m not Bear Grylls.)