Why Working in Technology is The Best

During these difficult times it can be hard to find a job, let alone a job you are really passionate about. With limited jobs and the unknown future, there aren’t many industries that are secure right now. However, there is one industry in particular that is potentially safer than others. One that has been growing for years often behind the scenes, offers a wide variety of roles and job satisfaction is through the roof. Which one we hear you ask? Technology of course and in particular Security.

For those businesses who are in the IT and technology industry, have on the whole stayed very strong throughout the whole pandemic. They haven’t furloughed their staff and during lockdown they were still hiring. It really is a strong and sustainable industry and working in technology is the best. We would know, we recruit heavily for it.

Whether you are looking to make a difference, you are passionate about learning, motivated by money or you just want a job, technology is the place for you. Below we have outlined 5 reasons why you should work in technology.

Information security jobs on the rise

1. Growing and sustainable jobs

The single biggest advance of technology has been the world wide web. Ever since it was created back in 1989, technology across the world has rapidly grown, leading to millions of new and exciting job opportunities. The UK has been right up there with China and USA in investing in technology and in 2019 invested £10.1bn in the tech sector, an increase of £3.1bn from the year before. This growth and investment is not looking to slow down either, with more jobs in the tech industry in 2020 and even more predicted for 2021. In fact, a job in information security is one of the best, with jobs in information security rising 37% from 2012 – 2022 (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics). Which is handy for us since information security recruitment is what we do.

2. Work anywhere, anytime

When the UK went into lockdown, businesses were forced to act fast and allow employees to work from home, with many finding it a real struggle having not got the right technology in place. For technology businesses however, this was easier. Most have been offering working from home for years and even offer a ‘flexible working’ policy. So working anywhere in the world and on the go is easy. If your desire is to travel the world or work in exotic locations, there isn’t a better place to do that than working in technology.

3. Challenging yet rewarding

The industry isn’t for everyone though, it is hard work and can be extremely challenging at times. However, we see that as a positive. Why would you want to spend your whole life doing something that was easy and monotonous? We spend the majority of our lives working, so make it a challenge. Working in tech your job will be to solve a problem people encounter and offer new options for things we never thought needed fixing. So whilst it may be hard, when you do solve that problem the rewards both personally and professionally will outweigh any hardship.

4. You WILL learn new skills

Whilst it is challenging what you will get out of it is new skills and knowledge. Working in the tech industry isn’t like any other. There won’t be a day where you won’t learn something new and exciting. Technology is ever evolving so quickly that if you didn’t learn and adapt, you would very quickly get left behind. There are always new qualifications, with a vast majority of employers looking to sponsor their staff to complete these. This isn’t looking to slow down

5. Remuneration

Who wouldn’t want to retire at the age of 50 and be sailing around the Canary Islands? OK, maybe we are stretching it a bit, but we aren’t exaggerating too much. There is no better way of building your dream life than being a Security professional. Technology is so vast and so integral to our lives there will always be problems to solve. Meaning your skills will be invaluable and in high demand for years to come.

We may have mentioned it a few times already, but you won’t top working in tech. Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft to name just a few of the millions of successful technology businesses in the world.

So if you are interested in working in Cyber Security then get in contact with us now or visit our jobs page to see if your dream job is there.