How to Find The Best Employees For Your business

In an ever-evolving world, how do you build a team of like-minded people that believe in your mission and vision? Moreover, how do you ensure they stick around?

It is actually more simple than you may think and really comes down to the calibre of people you hire and the vision set by yourself. Skills are widespread; but experience, loyalty, and resilience are a little harder to come by.

As a leader, finding the right people to work for your company comes down to three things – your talent partner, hiring process and the ability to sell your identity.

A job isn’t as simple as offering a desk and salary, Gen Z and Millennials invest their time in things they believe in. It’s not enough now to just offer them a job, this needs handling on a case by case basis by an expert and you have got to help them understand why you’re the right fit for each other.

Below are our 3 ways to help you recruit staff, starting with the most important . . .

Recruit the Very Best

You need to recruit the finest candidates and often, going at it alone is onerous and time-consuming. If you hire the wrong person, it can quickly turn into a small-scale debacle.

One can develop relationships with potential candidates long before it gets to the interview stage. With all the online resources available it’s not difficult to paint a picture of whom you’re considering for a role, even before you make contact.

The real challenge lies in finding the very best candidates and matching their softer skills. Yes, you can ask your current employees or friends to refer people, but that doesn’t always work. It would help if you had trusted a recruiting partner; individuals who’ve spent as much effort on matching people and businesses as you have on building your brand.

Shape & Sell Your Identity

Finding the right people starts with your business’s identity. Your identity is your culture and that is what makes you unique and attractive to the very best individuals. What is your message? Why would someone want to work for you? Money doesn’t always do the talking – especially for younger generations.

Take some time to craft your business identity and use that to convince prospects to work for you. Conveying your identity is crucial to structuring your hiring method. By the time someone walks into a room for their interview (or hits the ‘join meeting’ button), they should want to form part of your team more than anything else in the world. This is also fundamental to retaining that talent too! 

Streamline Your Hiring Process

You have the option of advertising your vacancies on social media, which can garner positive results. But, it will more than likely result in you receiving hundreds or even thousands of applications.

Having to sift through a vast number of CVs can be overwhelming and onerous, leading to your surrender, or much worse, settling for a bad fit. And as always a CV only tells half of the tale! Why settle for someone who is on the market rather than a professional who is in the market. We often work with the very talented who aren’t actively looking. 

You’ve got to compress your targeting, in other words, decide on an employee persona. As is the case with marketing, a combination of demographics and psychographics are used to determine an ideal client or customer, so should it be with your approach to finding the perfect employee.

To avoid disappointment, why not talk to us? We can help with your senior leadership recruitment or if you are looking for someone more junior we can help with that too. Get in touch with us to find out more.